49ers TE George Kittle receives a concerning injury update before his Week 1 matchup against the Bears.

This was not something that San Francisco 49ers fans expected to be concerned about.

Many anticipated the fans to return to normal once the sagas of Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel concluded.

Instead of wasting time on meaningless drama, they can finally concentrate on what truly matters,football victories.

Unfortunately, George Kittle's groyne injury came as a terrible curveball for the 49ers.

Kittle competes against players like Travis Kelce for the title of top tight end in the NFL.

He is a tremendous matchup nightmare for opposition offences because of his strong body and superb hands.

He was among the 49ers' stat leaders for a reason; he is a steady player who consistently produces high numbers.

George Kittle's injury is hopefully not going to keep him out for too long. He must perform at his peak as the 49ers get ready for a challenging season.

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