Friends, we all have a lot of dreams in life, but do we work as hard as we should to make them come true? If we experience failure, we become angry and give up.

We all make compromises in life, but will they ever enable us to achieve our dreams ?

Therefore, we must keep trying until success touches our feet.

So don't give up on your dreams. Let's understand this with the help of the lovely story "DREAM ROOM IN HEAVEN."

A family of honest, hardworking boy resided in a city. Everyone around him adores him since he was always willing to help others.

He worked tediously day and night to prepare for an exam in order to obtain a high-profile job, but he was unsuccessful.

As a result of his frustration, he quit the preparation and began working at a low-paying job. This is how he began to live.

But he was a very far way from having the life and career he had imagined. He passed away from a heart attack at the age of 50.

Simply because he lived a righteous life, he was fortunate to reach heaven after death.

In heaven , Angel took him to a room in front of which “DREAM ROOM” was written. He was astonished to see so many prototype of things kept there for which he had worked hard but didnot get it.

He questioned the angel about it since he was interested in knowing the reason.

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