The offseason of the Boston Celtics was thrown for a loop when it was announced that head coach Ime Udoka would be suspended for the entire 2022-23 season

Udoka had an inappropriate workplace relationship with a team member, which was deemed a violation of the organization's code of conduct.

The Celtics named lead assistant Joe Mazzulla as interim head coach and have since looked into expanding their coaching staff.

The Celtics requested permission from the Los Angeles Clippers to speak with former Boston assistant Jay Larranaga, who chose to remain in Los Angeles. 

However, there have been some new developments in the Udoka situation.

Udoka will not be back in Celtics green for the upcoming season, but that doesn't mean he won't be on a basketball court in the future.

 The Celtics will not stand in his way if he decides to pursue new opportunities.

Udoka will be out for the remainder of the current season, however this is a team punishment rather than a league suspension.

As a result of the Celtics' suspension, he might now be available to work for other clubs in the league.

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