Nancy Pelosi will resign as party leader after the Republican take control of the US House

By Navneet  Singh

 Nancy Pelosi is the pioneering first female speaker of the US House of Representatives. 

Pelosi announced on Thursday that she would give up her position as party leader when the Republicans take over the house in January.

Republicans narrowly secured a majority in the House in last week's midterm elections, while Democrats retained control of the Senate.

In last week's midterm elections, Republicans narrowly won a majority in the House while Democrats kept control of the Senate.

With Pelosi's resignation as party leader, a new era in Washington will come to an end.

Pelosi was first elected speaker in 2007 after being elected to Congress in 1987.

Pelosi is renowned for maintaining a firm hold on party ranks.

Pelosi presided over both of Donald Trump's impeachments during her second term in office.

Pelosi is currently second in line to succeed President Joe Biden.

Pelosi stated last week that the brutal attack on her elderly husband in the run-up to the November 8 midterm elections would influence her future decision.

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