"Naked and Afraid" contestant Melanie Rauscher has died under mysterious circumstances ion last Sunday (17.07.22) in the guest room of a house in Arizona.

Several cans of compressed air(Dust cleaner) were found near her body."

Corey Kasun, a rep for the Prescott Police Department, told "Melanie was dog sitting at a residence in Prescott, AZ while the homeowners were away on vacation.

The homeowners returned on the afternoon of July 17 and found Melanie deceased on the bed in the guest room.

While it is unclear whether the cans of compressed air - which are typically used to clean dust from computer keyboards - played a part in her death

Cops say there were no obvious signs of foul play, and they did not find a suicide note or drug paraphernalia. The dog was okay.

The Yavapai County Medical Examiner will determine Melanie's cause of death.

Melanie was mainly a contestant on "Naked and Afraid" in 2013 and the spinoff show 'XL' in 2015.

Close castmate Jeremy McCaa posted a touching tribute to Melanie on his FB page, saying he was "feeling broken."

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