Multitalented Harry Belafonte Deceased At 96

By: Navneet Singh

Belafonte deceased at his Manhattan home due to heart attack on Tuesday.

Belafonte as a civil activist spent major part of his life fighting against apartheid.

Belafonte was born on 1st March 1927 in Manhattan US.

Harry Belafonte's real name was Harold George  Bellafanti Jr.

Belafonte was a man of multiple skills like he was  a folksinger,actor,musician and  activist.

Belafonte popularised calypso music in 1950.

Belafonte was a three time Grammy Award winner.

Belafonte was also a winner of Tony Award as well as Emmy Award.

Belafonte's album 'calypso' was the first million selling longest playing(LP) album.

Belafonte was also associated with the Democratic Party.

Belafonte was inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"in the year 2022.