MJ's teammates may rethink their criticism. Jordan was the only one who profited from the project.

The Last Dance premiered in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, and it gave everyone a glimmer of hope in difficult times.

Because of its enormous success, everyone wondered how much Michael Jordan earned from it, but the answer may surprise you.

The show’s main protagonist, Michael Jordan, earned a paycheck of $4 million.

Meanwhile, for Disney+, it was a massive success.

The gamble to push the airing date to April 2020 was a genius move.

People were cooped up in their homes, and seeing a story about a 90s hero and legend proved to be what they desperately needed at that time.

All sports-related activities around the world came to a halt due to Covid-19.

It was a huge success for Disney+ in the meantime.

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