Some of McDonald's beloved summer menu items will no longer be available due to a recent menu revamp.

While bringing back a number of old favourites like Big Tasty burger and Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

Another interesting development is that this month, McDonald's USA will introduce its Cheese Danish for a brief period of time on its fall menu.

In the 1980s, a dessert that is quite similar to the new McDonald's Cheese Danish was originally added to the menu.

Starting on September 14, this will be reissued with a "new approach."

A flaky pastry called a McDonald's Cheese Danish is filled on the interior with sweet cream cheese and topped with a mouthwatering buttery streusel and a thin vanilla glaze.

Cheese danish are ideal for eating for breakfast or as a snack.

Starting on September 14, participating McDonald's locations around the country will serve it all day.

You can buy it at eateries, through drive-thrus, or via the McDonald's App for McDelivery.

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