Last week, a group of anglers in Texas caught a massive alligator gar.

South Texas Bowfishing, a local company that offers guided bowfishing tours, wrote on Facebook about the big fish taken by three customers on July 18.

The alligator gar weighed 271 pounds and was 7 feet, 11 inches long and 48 inches in circumference.

South Texas Bowfishing owner Scott Meshell told that three of his customers, LG Selvidge, Tim Selvidge, and John Jackson, caught the gar on July 17.

The Texas state record for the heaviest alligator gar caught by bowfishing was a 290-pound gar captured in 2001.

Another uncommon fish was caught by two additional Texas anglers in May: a melanistic alligator gar.

Alligator gars are typically olive brown in appearance.

The fish can also reach a length of 10 feet and a weight of 350 pounds.

Melanistic alligator gar are rarely seen or caught by anglers.

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