Marvel Comics has announced that Invincible Iron Man will return in December. 

As a swarm of assassins prepare to shoot the legendary hero, Tony Stark appears to be headed for another downward spiral.

This December, a new era for Iron Man will start on the eve of the character's 60th birthday.

The main solo series for the Armoured Avenger will begin a new run with writers Gerry Duggan (X-Men) and Juan Frigeri (Avengers). 

As a result, Tony Stark will experience his lowest point before rising to his highest point. 

Following the concluding issue of Iron Man #750 in November, Christopher Cantwell will resume his series Invincible Iron Man. 

On November 16, the character's 60th birthday is commemorated in Iron Man #25, legacy issue #650.

Marvel Comics will publish Invincible Iron Man #1 on December 7 with a cover created by Kael Ngu. 

2020 saw the start of Cantwell's Iron Man race. He ends his incisive and potent writing career, as demonstrated by Angel Unzueta.

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