A Long Island man who was shot in the face by an off-duty police officer has filed a $35 million lawsuit against the NYPD.

A Long Island man was shot in the eye after attempting to enter the home of an off-duty NYPD officer.

Laviolette claimed to have attended a house party that evening and accidentally left with someone else's  wallet and phone.

The 27-year-old, who admitted to being inebriated at the time, said he returned to the residence to return the items but ended up at the wrong address.

Detective Douglas DeOtto, 42, of the NYPD, thought Laviolette was attempting to break in and opened fire, striking Laviolette in the right eye.

The shooting caused brain damage, a shattered skull, and a permanently scarred psyche in the man.

He's had several surgeries since then and now lives with a titanium plate in his head.

Laviolette claims he has been unable to find work since the incident and is now burdened by large medical bills.

He is suing for $25 million in monetary damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

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