On Thursday, gunshots at the biggest mall in America led to chaos.

With no victims identified, the situation was quickly over.

A lockdown was imposed Thursday afternoon at the enormous Mall of America complex in the Midwest state of Minnesota.

There are more than 500 stores in the enormous Mall of America complex.

Unauthenticated video that was circulated on social media shows terrified consumers racing through the large mall.

The suspect had left the mall on foot, according to police in the city of Bloomington, who classified the incident as "an isolated incident."

According to police, this was a one-off dispute between the suspects.

On Twitter, a video of the incident appears to show a person shouting as they enter a Nike store. Then, there are many gunshots heard.

With a record-breaking 45,000 deaths from firearms in 2020, the United States has experienced a tsunami of gun violence.

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