Major Record Labels Extend Re-Recording Restrictions for Artists.

By: Babita Singh

Major record labels like Universal, Sony, and Warner are amending contracts to bar artists from re-recording their albums for at least a decade. 

Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, known as "Taylor's Version," have driven significant cultural impact and devalued unreleased masters. 

Music attorneys reveal the new contracts impose restrictions on artists re-recording their music after 10, 15, or even 30 years post-label departure. 

This represents a significant departure from previous contracts, which allowed re-recording after 5-7 years or two years after contract expiration. 

Attorneys like Josh Karp find these new restrictions unusual and question the need for such changes compared to prior agreements. 

Universal Music Group made these contract changes, along with improvements in royalties and other artist-centric alterations, prior to Swift's "Taylor's Version." 

Warner and Sony's representatives have yet to provide comments on these contractual changes.

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