Lottery Sambad  Today Result 1 pm, 6pm and 8 pm Winners

By: Nitin Singh

Lottery Sambad is a Nagaland state lotteries. it is a weekly lucky draw that draw at 1pm, 6pm and 8 pm.

1st prize is Rs 1 Crore, 2nd prize is Rs 9000 and 3rd prize is Rs 450, 5th prize is Rs 120.

All Dear Govt. Lotteries  draw on the name of rivers like narmada, yamuna etc.

Winner list of lotteries are 

!pm Lottery winning 1crore  no. 87C50394

6 pm  Lottery winning 1 crore No. 94H08354.

8 pm  Lottery winning 1 crore No. 71H82153