Look: T-Shirt of the Michigan Quarterback Is Going Viral.

By Nitin Singh

J.J. McCarthy, the quarterback for Michigan, received praise for his shirt choice at his news conference on Wednesday.

McCarthy, who just put up a spectacular performance against Ohio State, was wearing a Chicago Bulls shirt from the 1996 NBA Finals.

The Best. Ever. Anywhere. 

the shirt's slogan reads.

Fans of the Michigan Wolverines think that McCarthy's shirt is a hint at what will happen this Saturday.

If Michigan wins the Big Ten Championship against Purdue, Jim Harbaugh's team will have brought the conference crown back to Ann Arbor for the second year in a row.

The oddsmakers put Michigan as a huge favorite to defeat Purdue. That makes sense given the Wolverines' perfect record.

Make no mistake, Purdue possesses a scoring-capable passing offense that is explosive. The majority of teams, meanwhile, have been unable to match Michigan's explosive offense.

With McCarthy at the quarterback position, Michigan can not only air it out, but it can also overwhelm its opponents with its rushing onslaught.

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