Liz Truss won the Tory leadership race, defeating Rishi Sunak, and will become the new prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Suella Braverman, the attorney general, is expected to succeed Priti Patel as home secretary.

With Truss receiving 57% of the legitimate votes cast, the outcome was closer than some pundits had projected.

She has promised to "deliver" on the energy problem, and it is believed that she is thinking about freezing utility bills.

James Cleverly, the secretary of education, is anticipated to become foreign secretary, while business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng will take over as chancellor.

Tuesday, after visiting Scotland's Balmoral to see the Queen, Truss will take office as prime minister.

Keir Starmer of Labour has praised her but claims that the nation is currently experiencing a "Tory cost of living crisis."

Rishi Sunak, Truss's leadership contender, has stated that he intends to continue as MP for Richmond and will run for the seat in the next general election.

Boris Johnson, the outgoing Prime Minister, said Truss had the "correct approach to deal with the cost of living challenge."

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