Patrick Reed of LIV golf has sued the Golf Channel and commentator Brandel Chamblee for defamation.

In order to receive more than $750 million in compensatory damages, the 32-year-old is asking for a jury trial. 

Reed claims that Chamblee and the Golf Channel on NBC have defamed him by "misreporting information with falsehood and/or reckless contempt of the truth."

Chamblee went on to declare in the podcast that Reed would be willing to play golf for Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and Vladimir Putin.

The lawsuit cites Chamblee's statements on the podcast as an example of the golf analyst spreading false information, 

despite the fact that Reed only plays for LIV and has never supported bin Salman. 

Patrick Nathaniel Reed, a US professional golfer. 

He has nine PGA Tour victories. 

Brandel Eugene Chamblee is a former professional golfer, commentator, and author from the United States.

Reed is suing for $750 million in damages. 

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