The singer Adele deferred the Las Vegas Residency tour dates about six months ago.

She has confessed that  the decision to cancel her Las Vegas residency was the worst moment in her career.

She referred many reasons behind the delay, including crew members' testing positive for COVID-19 and delivery delays.

She said that the arranged shows at first didn't line up with her vision. She said that they  lacked soul.

The stage’s set-up was not right; there was a disconnect and a lack of intimacy.

She also  confessed that she could have really thought about the tour without considering that they were occurring in a controlled environment.

Adele expressed that afterdropping the show, she felt embarrassed.

In July 2022, Adele reported her new tour dates that began in November and would run up to  March 2023.

Adele disclosed that the new concerts would be intimate and show her career’s journey.

Adele also said that the residency would be an emotional journey for her.

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