The planned "Joker" sequel will have Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix as the leads.

The 2019 movie's director and co-writer Todd Phillips originally announced "Joker- Folie à Deux" back in June.

The new movie's release date is set for October 4, 2024, according to Gaga's musical teaser.

she will portray the supervillain Harley Quinn in Joaquin Phoenix's upcoming film.

You may view Gaga's Instagram post where she shared the movie's title sequence to officially announce the news.

Todd Phillips, who previously directed The Joker, will return to the project as director and co-writer with Scott Silver.

Given the popularity of Joker in 2019, the series' second instalment is eagerly anticipated.

The first movie set new records at the box office by being the first R-rated movie to gross $1 billion USD.

The French phrase "folie a deux" refers to a delusion or mental disorder that two people share.

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