The shooter who attacked Shinzo Abe is named Tetsuya Yamagami and is a local man from Japan.

The attacker Tetsuya Yamagami appeared as a journalist at the election meeting where Shinzo Abe was giving a speech.

The attacker attacked Shinzo Abe within a minute of the start of the speech.

The 41-year-old attacker Tetsuya Yamagami is said to   have served in the Japanese Navy (Maritime Self Defense Force).

Tetsuya Yamagami was only 10 feet away from former PM Shinge Obe at the time of the attack.

As soon as he was shot, Shinzo fell on the middle of the road.

As soon as the attack happened there was chaos. Realizing the situation immediately, the police caught Yamagami there.

Tetsuya Yamagami used a shotgun to attack.

According to the report, Shinzo Abe was attacked in a planned manner.

Tetsuya Yamagami came close to Shinzo Abe on the pretext of taking a photo before attacking.

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