Sacramento Kings' De'Aaron Fox Shines in Dazzling Playoff Debut with 38 Points Against Golden State Warriors 

By: Nitin Singh

In front of a raucous home crowd that had been waiting since 2006 for a postseason game, 

Fox scored 38 points, tying for the second-highest scoring playoff debut in NBA history 

He hit the crucial 3-pointer that gave Sacramento the lead late in the fourth quarter 

he scored 29 points in the second half after initially struggling to adjust to the playoff physicality. 

The Kings closed out the game strongly against the Warriors, who had won four titles in the previous eight seasons. 

After Stephen Curry hit a 3-pointer that give Golden State a 114-112 lead with around four minutes remaining, the Kings responded with seven in a row, including Fox’s 3-pointer 

Although the Warriors kept fighting, cutting the deficit to one, Andrew Wiggins missed a crucial 3-pointer for the lead in the closing seconds, allowing the Kings to hold on for their first playoff win in 17 years