North West's Unfiltered Met Gala Fashion Critique on Kim Kardashian 

By: Babita Singh

North West candidly critiques Kim Kardashian's past Met Gala ensembles, offering a blunt review during a fitting for the 2023 event. 

The 10-year-old, North, describes Kardashian's 2021 Balenciaga Met Gala look as resembling being covered by a plastic bag, sparking controversy. 

Kim Kardashian, 43, faces North's unfiltered opinions during a fitting with Schiaparelli’s creative director Daniel Roseberry in preparation for the 2023 Met Gala. 

Kardashian's controversial 2021 Met Gala ensemble, covering her face and body, prompted her to open up about her initial hesitation and later appreciation for the bold look. 

The printed gown worn by Kardashian in 2021 received widespread criticism, leading her to admit she "was crying the whole way home" but eventually grew to love the daring fashion choice. 

Reflecting on her Met Gala history, Kardashian shares that her custom Mugler dress in 2019, admired by daughter North, holds a special place as her favorite. 

 North West's preferred Met Gala look for her mom is the custom Mugler dress from 2019, featuring a latex design beaded to resemble dripping, complemented by a "wet" hair style.

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