Canadian artist Justin Bieber, 28, has revealed that he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

A very uncommon neurological condition is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

The same virus, Varicella-zoster, which causes chicken pox also causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

By contracting the varicella-zoster virus, Justin Beiber's right side of his face has become paralysed.

Hearing loss can also develop in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome on the side of the face that has been infected by the virus.

Doctors say that while there is a chance of recovery from this syndrome is not guaranteed but the sooner it is discovered, the better chance of recovery.

Justin told his supporters that he will soon get better because he is using medicine and facial exercises to restore his face to normalcy.

Let's pray to God for fast recovery of Justin Beiber

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