On Monday, a prosecutor urged jurors to execute the gunman who killed 17 people in a mass shooting at a Florida high school in 2018.

The trial of Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, the deadliest mass shooting in US history, began on Monday.

On February 14, 2018, Cruz, 23, pleaded guilty to the deaths of 14 students and three staff members.

Jurors must decide whether he receives the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Cruz's brutality was expected to be highlighted by lead prosecutor Mike Satz.

Cruz would sometimes return to wounded victims and kill them with a second volley of bullets.

Satz told the Broward County jury on Monday afternoon that Cruz committed "goal-directed, planned, systematic murder of students and staff members."

About three dozen victims' families were in the courtroom, sitting in a roped-off section.

Cruz apologised in his guilty plea and asked for the opportunity to help others.

The Parkland shooting is the deadliest in US history to go to trial.

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