After a trilogy’s worth of exhausting fights, John Wick is returning

but it’s not clear how much more fight he has left in him. 

The first trailer for John Wick 4, which was a surprise reveal during San Diego Comic-Con this weekend 

features all the highlights you’d expect from a Wick movie, including Keanu Reeves looking very cool while training 

and new villains like a menacing Donnie Yen and a cold-blooded Bill Skarsgård.  

There are car chases, sword fights, and Laurence Fishburne calling out “You ready, John?” while holding up his iconic black suit. 

But it also raises an important question: where does all of this finally end? 

Mr. Wick clearly needs a break, but there’s no indication yet of how or when that might happen. 

I’m not entirely sure how vacation time works in the complicated world of assassins. 

John Wick 4 — which, according to the trailer, appears to be titled simply “John Wick” — is due to hit theaters on March 24th, 2023. 

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