PJ Tucker took time out of his Wednesday afternoon to formally say goodbye and thank you to the Miami Heat after his one-year tenure with the organization.

In the Instagram post, Tucker called Miami “home” and thanked the city for the love throughout the season. 

Jimmy Butler did not care for it. 

If you didn’t know, Tucker recently signed a three-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers at the beginning of the free agency period, 

Butler responded to the post with a “[expletive] you and @joelembiid” comment for everyone to see.

heading to the city where his now-former Heat teammate Jimmy Butler played. 

Butler’s comment is presumably all fun and games, 

though I’m willing to bet he’s at least a little bit hurt by Tucker’s decision to leave the team after the Heat were a game away from their second NBA Finals appearance in three seasons. 

As it stands, Jimmy will need to find a PJ Tucker-level replacement if Miami wants to keep on its upward trajectory.