Jan. 6,2021 related to riots to overturn the Trump's 2020 election loss.

Allegation on Trump that he has some connection with the militia groups like Proud Boys and Oath keepers involved in the riot.

The majority of Tuesday's hearing was devoted to testimony from former Trump administration officials and allies.

Stephen Ayres of Warren, Ohio, who recently admitted to illegally entering the Capitol during the riot, also testified before the committee.

Four Takeways from the hearing -----

1. An explosive meeting on December 18 was the tipping point that triggered the Jan. 6 insurgency.

2. That tweet effectively inspired right-wing extremists to mobilise and join Trump's insurgency army.

3.Connections to Trump are strengthening, but direct evidence of Trump's coordination with extremists is more difficult to come by.

4. Trump made no effort to stop or condemn the violence.

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