Irina Shayk Unhappy About Bradley Cooper's New Relationship 

By: Babita Singh

Irina Shayk is reportedly upset about Bradley Cooper's budding romance with Gigi Hadid. 

Shayk, who dated Cooper from 2015 to 2019, was taken by surprise by his new relationship with the younger supermodel. 

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid have been frequently spotted together in New York City, where they both reside. 

The age difference between Shayk, aged 37, and Hadid, who is 28, is said to be a primary source of Shayk's discomfort. 

Irina Shayk, who shares a daughter with Bradley Cooper, may have mixed feelings due to wanting to remain close to him. 

Shayk's relationship with Tom Brady reportedly fizzled out as they were seen emerging from the same London hotel. 

Sources suggest that things between Shayk and Brady did not work out, leading to the end of their recent dating endeavor.

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