Rohit regretted the nine years that had passed.

By Nitin Singh

According to the captain, the Indian team is ready for their matchup with Pakistan. Hitman also talked on the weather in Melbourne.

He asserted that the regional climate is always changing. The teams prepare for every situation that could arise during a match.

India and Pakistan are scheduled to compete in a thrilling match on Sunday in the T20 World Cup (23 October). Rohit Sharma said before this game on Saturday that Team India is not under any pressure for the match against Pakistan.

The players are also entirely fit for the match.  Sources claim that Mohammed Shami is still not fully fit and could not be able to take part in the opening match. Rohit reacted by strongly denying these reports.

The Indian captain added that it is sad that the ICC trophy was not won in nine years. Despite our disappointment, the team is prepared this time.

The Indian team is ready to play Pakistan, according to the captain. Hitman also talked about the climate in Melbourne. 

He claimed that the climate around here is continuously shifting. Teams are ready for any situation that can come during the game. 

At the same time, he declined to address the controversy about India's forthcoming visit to Pakistan. According to Rohit, the BCCI is in charge of keeping an eye on this.

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