In Connecticut, a fox with its head stuck in a tyre is rescued

Connecticut is a US state in southern New England .

According to a Facebook post by the Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police, officers responded to the northwestern part of the state on a report of a distressed fox.

When they arrived, they discovered the animal's head stuck through the opening in the centre of a discarded car tire's rim.

According to the post, the fox was likely chasing a small rodent when it stuck its head through the opening and became trapped.

With the assistance of the homeowners and a little baby oil, wardens were able to safely free fox.

Later, after getting a call from local law enforcement, conservation authorities went to Mill Park Pond in Newington.

The call was about injured Cooper's hawk, a medium sized prey bird.

The bird had become entangled in a fishing lure that was also entangled in a tree branch hanging over the pond.

To save the bird, an animal warden waded into the shallow water, cut the tree branch, and removed the lure from the bird's wing.

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