Nichelle Nichols, an actress, died in July after a long career in Hollywood. 

With her role as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura on Star Trek, she broke down racial barriers.

one of the first Black female leads in a television series, and the first in a science fiction series.  

She will now be immortalised in "the final frontier." A portion of her ashes as well as a DNA sample will be launched into space. 

Celestis International, a private spaceflight company, will transport her ashes into space.

They will transport Nichols' remains 186 million miles into space aboard the Vulcan rocket. 

The cremains of other Star Trek legends, including creator Gene Roddenberry and his wife, will also be aboard the Enterprise Flight. 

Kyle Johnson, Nichols son, approved the celestial burial.

Nichols will be joined in space symbolically by her son, who will submit his own DNA to allow him to travel with his mother. 

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