Apps, no matter how convenient they are, all have the same kryptonite: glitches.

Some glitches appear to cause issues, such as the occasional DoorDash outage, resulting in a large number of hungry people.

On the evening of July 7, however, hundreds of people ordered free food due to a temporary glitch in the DoorDash app.

A payment processing error allowed users to check out without an authorised form of payment, which caused the glitch.

As word spread about the DoorDash glitch, it went viral on Twitter, forcing restaurants across the country to take massive orders and deliveries.

The damage had already been done by the time DoorDash resolved the issue.

Hundreds of orders for free food, drinks, and even Plan B had been placed

DoorDash's valuation fell in pre-market trading earlier this week after Amazon announced a new partnership with rival Grubhub that will provide Amazon Prime members with a free year of delivery on orders over $12. The stock was down around 7%.

DoorDash was down nearly 59 percent in a year following the post-pandemic burst of in-home ordering as of Friday afternoon.

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