High-flying Premier League clubs are struggling due to a lack of private jets to transport them from game to game. 

A lack of private planes is causing serious problems for Premier League clubs. 

As a result of the crunch, some airlines went out of business after Covid. 

Earlier this month, a plane returning Brighton to Gatwick Airport after their 2-1 win over Manchester United had to divert to Stansted Airport in Essex to pick up Manchester City, who had been playing at West Ham.

The issue has been made worse by factors like a scarcity of staff, rising fuel prices, and a specific dearth of larger aircraft. 

Clubs want to reserve for 50–60 staff members, but the only smaller planes with a 25–30 person capacity are available. 

It indicates that important individuals fly while the rest take coaches. 

Three 14-seater aircraft were used to transport Thomas Tuchel's team to Yorkshire before Chelsea's 3-0 loss against Leeds the previous Saturday. 

Due to a technical issue with the original plane that had been scheduled, the coaching staff took a bus to follow. 

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