In his first year of eligibility, Deion Sanders was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

The distinction, according to the former NFL defensive back, should be more exclusive than it is at the moment.

In a video published on Friday by Well Off Media, Sanders, the current head coach at Jackson State, rants about what the Hall of Fame should stand for and who it should induct.

The Hall of Fame, according to Sanders, is no longer the Hall of Fame.

He stated that all of the men inducted are deserving, but each jacket should be a different colour. My jacket has to be a different colour.

NFL players inducted into the Hall of Fame are presented with a bust and a gold jacket.

Sanders proposed creating a separate wing for players that went above and above in the game.

Sanders believes the Hall of Fame should be for "game changers," not just players who were "excellent" throughout their careers.

Sanders stated that while he believes every Hall of Famer is "deserving," he believes that some should be acknowledged differently than others.

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