Gujarat Titans Pursue Rohit Sharma in Blockbuster Cricket Trade 

By: Nitin Singh

Gujarat Titans pursue Rohit Sharma in a potential blockbuster trade with Mumbai Indians. 

Titans aim to strengthen their lineup with experienced leadership after Sharma's removal as MI captain. 

Speculation intensifies amid Sharma's uncertain future with Mumbai Indians, following Hardik Pandya's captaincy appointment. 

Saurav Ganguly hints at Delhi Capitals' interest, sparking rumors of a three-way trade drama. 

For Gujarat Titans, acquiring Sharma could be a game-changer, given his impressive captaincy and batting record. 

 Complex negotiations and sentimental factors add layers to the potential trade deal.

Rohit Sharma's leadership and over 8000 IPL runs make him a sought-after asset for any franchise. 

As cricket fans await the grand finale, the "Hitman" trade saga continues to captivate the cricketing world.

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