Google's New Feature send you notification if anyone try to take screen Shot of your chat.

By: Nitin Singh

You are familiar with name of "chat leaks", many times personal chats are leaked, In this type situation one person leaks other users chats.

Many times chats are leaked

In this type situation people take the screen shot of the chat. If anyone take the screen Shot of your chat how you know? may be you dont know any trick to recognise it.

People take Screen Shot

google understand your problem and thats why privacy related features added on android. Actually this features is not directly given to android users.

Google's New feature

After adding this feature you will be notified if anyone is taking the screenshot of your Chat. This notification tells you who taking the screen Shot.   

You will be Notified

this type of features is already available on instagram, facebook messangers and Snapchat.In messenger  you will get this feature in secret chat and in Instagram you will get this feature in swipe up ,you can unable  this feature from there.

Features available on many Apps

Snapchat gives this features by default. API support given by Android 14 is used by any app Thats save the resources of af acompany and helps in unable screenshot detection system.

Company will get benifited

In America some apps started its testing successfully. Now in coming days others apps also integrate the android 14 API in its Platform.

Testing already started

After integrating in the app you will get the notification, if anyone is taking screenshot of the your chat.                                                                          

You will get Notification

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