9th July is the ninth birthday of BTS Army.

As Twitter celebrates the anniversary, Google has released a new Street View experiment via its arts and culture platform in collaboration with the band.

The BTS X Street Gallery exhibition brings visitors on a virtual tour of the group's favorite artworks.

Each member has built a virtual gallery, and BTS fans will immediately recognise many of the locations where their choices have been shown.

The UN General Assembly, where BTS gave an address and recorded a music video last year, was adorned by J-Hope.

RM guides fans through Seoul's Namdaemun, where BTS performed for the 2021 Global Citizen Live festival.

Some members of BTS are well-known collectors of fine art (such as the group's leader RM, who recently spoke about his collection on the Art Basel podcast), but others haven't yet been as outspoken about their preferences.

The experience offers an intriguing glimpse at each member's artistic interests blended with a fair dose of personality, despite a few minor faults here and there.

On the Arts & Culture platform, you may take a number of virtual tours of well-known art galleries as well as other popular tourist destinations like the Alhambra and the Giza Pyramids

appears to be an interesting vision — and potential conversation starter — for the role of art in public space as part of the "Experiments" section, where artists can try more eclectic ideas.

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