Despite being a prince and living a life of luxury, Siddhartha felt empty and abandoned everything to go to the jungle, where he attained enlightenment and transformed into Gautam Buddha.

Under a peepal tree in Gaya (Bihar), on the full moon day of the Vaishakh month, he attained enlightenment at the age of 35.

As a result, Buddhist devotees observe Vaishakh Purnima as Buddha Purnima each year. Buddha has made the decision to share his wisdom with the entire world.

Buddha's Quotes

"1. Everything is in the mind. What you believe, you manifest. "2. You won't be punished because of your anger; you'll be punished by your anger.

3.Conquering yourself is preferable to winning a thousand battles. The triumph is then yours. You cannot have it taken away by angels, demons, heaven, or hell.

4.Every day is a fresh start. "You can always start over, no matter how difficult the past was. 5. A disciplined mind leads to happiness.

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