Senior finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023 are Chuck Howley, Joe Klecko, and Ken Riley.

Twelve people were discussed by the committee. 

Every candidate's resumé was given in great detail. 

From 1961 until 1973, Howley played for the Dallas Cowboys after beginning his career with the Chicago Bears.

Howley was named MVP in Super Bowl V, the Cowboys' first participation in the championship game. 

From 1977 until 1988, Klecko dominated the interior for the New York Jets. 

During his stint with the Jets, Klecko also participated in four Pro Bowls and concluded his career with 78 unofficial sacks.

Riley, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals for the entirety of his 15-season career, was renowned for his exceptional ball-hawking abilities in the secondary. 

Riley only made one All-Pro team (1983), but he still recorded 65 interceptions in his career, which ranks fifth all-time in the NFL. 

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