NFL News-Exciting Change to NFL's Fourth Down Replay 

By: Nitin Singh

NFL teams vote on new rule changes at annual league meetings in Phoenix, Arizona.

17 playing rules, three bylaws, and three resolutions have been approved for the 2023 season.

Texans general manager Nick Caserio proposed a new rule allowing replay officials to review failed fourth down attempts.

The proposal passed overwhelmingly.

Prior to this change, replay reviews for fourth-down attempts were limited to coach's challenges before the two-minute mark of each half.

Now, officials will automatically review failed fourth-down attempts, similar to booth-initiated reviews on scoring plays and turnovers.

Coaches will no longer be able to challenge the results of fourth-down attempts.

Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair expressed excitement about the new rule, stating that it will help ensure calls are made correctly and ultimately benefit fans and players.

The new rule will be implemented in the 2023 NFL season, revolutionizing the way fourth-down attempts are reviewed