An inspiring short story that made you realise that "Every difficulty has its Solution" in life if you keep your mind calm The story is ............

A merchant borrowed money from a moneylender but was unable to repay it because of business losses.

The moneylender suggested that the merchant marry his daughter to him in exchange for the forgiveness of all of his debts. The money lender was a chubby middle-aged man.

Moneylender agreed to the girl's condition that he bring a bag with two coloured pebbles inside, one black and one white, and that she would then chose one pebble by closing her eyes.

If it's black, she will wed a moneylender and her father's debt will be discharged.

However, if the stone comes out to be white, the father's debt will be forgiven; however, the girl won't wed a moneylender.

The moneylender was incredibly keen to wed that lovely young lady. So he accepted right away and shortly arrived carrying a bag containing two pebbles.

But the girl noticed that the moneylender had deftly placed both of the black stones in the bag while he was adding the pebbles to the bag.

The girl is now concerned about what to do because, if she exposes the moneylender's deception in front of everyone, he would later cause more problems in her father's life.

Guess what decision would girl had taken.?

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