Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, made the lavish tweet in which he revealed his intention to purchase the football team.

Fans of the Red Devils will be delighted at the thought of new ownership, despite Musk's history of chaotic and unusual plans and ideas.

Fans blame their ownership heavily for United's current Premier League standing at the bottom.

With the players on the field, the amenities at Old Trafford, and the club's training facility, things have only gotten worse in recent years.

The facilities are deteriorating without any investment from the owners, who keep merely taking money out of the club.

There are currently plans for the supporters to abstain from the team's upcoming game against fierce rival Liverpool at Old Trafford.

On social media, the hashtag #EmptyOldTrafford has gained momentum.

The most recent proposal implying that spectators will vacate their seats and leave the stadium empty.

The Glazers have set a high asking price of AU$7 million (£4 billion), and United supporters will be hoping that Musk can utilise some of his vast wealth to meet that demand.

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