Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree- 10 bosses

By: Nitin Singh


The Godskin Apostles and Nobles present formidable challenges in Elden Ring, showcasing unique abilities tied to the Black Flame. 

Variations of Godskin Bosse

As emissaries of the Greater Will, the Deathbirds and Death Rite Birds serve as enforcers in the Lands Between. 

The Twinbird

The enigmatic Formless Mother wields the power to transmute blood into a potent weapon, posing a significant threat in the realm 

The Formless Mother’s Envoy

Manifesting its influence through Malenia and the corrupted Lake of Rot, the Outer God of Rot seeks to escape its prison and spread decay across the Lands Between. 

The Outer God of Rot

With ties to the Rune of Death and mastery over the Black Flame, the Gloam-Eyed Queen’s potential return looms ominously. 

The Gloam-Eyed Queen

As the source of the Death Blight plaguing the world, Godwyn’s soulless form harbors immense danger beneath the Capital. 

Godwyn, Prince of Death

Exploring the past to face Demigods like Radahn and Malenia at the height of their power presents an intriguing possibility 

Demigods in Their Prime

The shadows of Empyreans serve as guardians and executioners, ensuring their masters’ compliance with the Greater Will’s designs. 

Shadows of Miquella and Malenia

As a pivotal figure in the Elden Ring mythos, Marika’s potential role as a boss offers tantalizing possibilities. 


With a mysterious aura and hints of manipulation surrounding her, Miquella emerges as a compelling candidate for a boss encounter. 


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