Getting over your partner's peculiarities is part of being in a relationship, but everyone has a limit.

A woman came to the parenting community Mumsnet to express her displeasure with her partner's disgusting eating habits.

Eating habits, such as chewing on his own earwax and eating the "crusty portions" of his eyes when he wakes up.

She enquired on the platform, "Does anybody's partner consumes ear wax snot and sleepies too? "

The woman received a flood of sympathetic reactions on her thread, with many users completely supporting her revulsion.

"Absolutely disgusting," one person wrote. "That kind of person would not be a 'partner.'" He'd do it once and then go."

"I've never known anyone do this," said another horrified reader. Gross. What's next, eating his faeces?"

Oh my goodness, I about passed out from disgust. "I wouldn't be able to be with him, oh that's so, so, so gross," one commenter lamented.

The woman later responded to the comments and expounded on her position.

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