Drew Griffin, a veteran CNN investigative reporter, passed away at age 60 

By Nitin Singh

Drew Griffin deceased at 40 after a long battle with cancer.  

American journalist Drew Griffin was well-known for his work at CNN, a cable news outlet in the United States. 

Griffin had a very high regard for his work ethics. Most of his coworkers were unaware of his illness, and he continued to report until the day of his death. 

Griffin was born in Chicago, Illinois. 

Griffin started his career at WICD-TV in Illinois, followed by assignments in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C. 

Griffin subsequently spent 10 years as an investigative reporter for CBS 2 News in Los Angeles. 

CNN hired Griffin in May 2004. 

Griffin and CNN both received Peabody honours for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina. 

Griffin is survived with his wife and three kids. 

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