Deion Sanders Criticizes NCAA's Denial of Eligibility for Transfer OL Tyler Brown

Deion Sanders expresses criticism over NCAA's denial of immediate eligibility for Tyler Brown. 

Tyler Brown, an All-American transfer, faces NCAA denial and can't play for Buffaloes in 2023. 

Deion Sanders, Colorado coach, disapproves of NCAA's rejection of Tyler Brown's eligibility. 

Tyler Brown's transfer journey and NCAA denial due to mental health issues come to light. 

Sanders questions NCAA's stance on mental health after Tyler Brown's eligibility denied. 

NCAA's recent decision limits second-time transfers' waivers, affecting Tyler Brown's case. 

Brown speaks out on mental health struggles, aiming to gain immediate eligibility. 

Impressive record at JSU and transfer to Colorado mark Tyler Brown's football journey. 

Deion Sanders joins voices against NCAA's tough approach on two-time transfers. 

Sanders challenges NCAA's commitment to mental health support amid eligibility dispute. 

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