Cricket's Olympic Journey: From 1900 to 2028 

By: Babita Singh

The first and only Olympic cricket match took place in Paris in 1900, where Great Britain faced France, an event with an unusual medal outcome. 

In a historic move, cricket was introduced to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, a decision of significance for the cricket-loving Indian subcontinent. 

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics is anticipated to boost viewership, opening up a vast market and new media deals for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 

The IOC seeks to expand its viewership by adding sports that combine athletic performance and entertainment, making cricket's inclusion a strategic move. 

T20 cricket's rise in popularity, driven by shorter match durations, has made it a global phenomenon, with the Indian Premier League (IPL) playing a pivotal role. 

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics is a testament to T20 cricket's global appeal and aligns with the sport's increasing popularity worldwide. 

Cricket's Olympic inclusion brings joy but raises worries about exclusivity, logistical challenges, venue limits, and limited teams.

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