Controversy and Turmoil: Waystar Royco Faces Uncertain Future after Roy's Death 

By: Nitin Singh

Roy's death has left Waystar Royco without a clear successor.

The company has been struggling with controversy and internal turmoil.

The news of Roy's death caused the price of company shares to plummet, even though the markets were closed.

HBO, which has been handling media for Waystar Royco since 2018, declined to comment.

The lack of a clear successor has raised questions about the future of the company's expansive holdings.

It is uncertain whether Roy's children will divide the holdings or sell them to a competitor.

Roy's eldest son, Connor, is currently running for president.

Roy's three youngest children had been estranged from him since he orchestrated their ouster from the company.

Roy died while traveling to Sweden to finalize a deal to acquire Waystar Royco.