Clarke Haggans induction into Colorado State Athletics Hall Of Fame

By Navneet Singh

Clarke Haggans was a former NFL legend who played for Steelers, Cardinals and 49ers during his 13 years illustrious career.

Haggans played three Super Bowl finals(i.e.2005,2009 & 2012) during his entire career. 

Haggans achieved the super Bowl title only once in his entire career i.e. in 2006 while playing for pittsburg Steelers. 

The year 2005 was an exceptional year in Haggan's career. 

Clarke Haggans won many accolades and achievements during his entire career spanning 13 years.

Haggans won Super Bowl Ring in Super Bowl XL while playing for Steelers, they also wong the Super Bowl XL title.

Haggans was inducted into the Colorado State Athletic Hall Of Fame in 2015.

The "Hall Of Fame" Award is given  to the sports personalities, coaches and sports administrators for their excellence in their respective sports. 

The 'Colorado State Athletics Hall Of Fame' was established in the year 1988.

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