Christine Brown's Surprising Wedding: From Sister Wives to a Fairytale Romance

By: Babita Singh

Christine Brown, former Sister Wives star, surprised some by marrying David Woolley in Moab, Utah, last month. 

Despite Christine's new romance, Janelle Brown initially had reservations about the speed of her moving on. 

Janelle expressed concern, fearing the relationship was progressing too quickly and could be "dangerous. 

Christine and Kody Brown ended their 14-year marriage in 2021; she met Woolley online in October 2022. 

Over time, Janelle warmed up to David, finding him "amazing" and enjoying their time together as a trio. 

Christine and Kody share six children; Janelle, also a Sister Wife, has six kids with the Brown patriarch. 

Christine plans to legally change her name to Christine Woolley but will still be known as Christine Brown. 

Christine and David's fall wedding was described as a "fairytale," with Christine expressing joy over the dreamlike ceremony.

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